More efficient reading in 12 hours only: within this relatively short timeframe, the Improved Reading course helps to identify and overcome bad habits which inhibit the development of an adequate reading rate and introduces techniques which help the participants to even triple their effective reading rate.

Effective reading does not just imply the speed of reading. Human thinking can easily achieve 800-1,000 words per minute, however our techniques learned in our early school years and left undeveloped since then would let us read at an average speed of 220 words per minute only. By such a slow speed, the abilities of the human brain are very much underutilised.

This results in rambling thoughts as the unused capacities of our brain would find something else to do. It will be increasingly difficult for us to concentrate on the contents of the text, we are forced to regress to some parts already covered, thus the speed of our reading will further decrease.

By increased speed, concentration will also improve. Comprehension will increase, too: as a result, the reading efficiency will significantly improve, by two-threefold on the average. 

Our Improved Reading course consists of two major parts.

The first part focuses on identifying and oversoming the bad 'childhood' reading habits hindering comprehension, concentration and reading speed. Practical exercises are supported by a special tool - developed by Improved Reading - which helps participants to increase the speed of reading whilst maintaining comprehension.

In the second part we move on to learning and drilling new reading techniques, whilst further improving comprehension.