Since 2002, Improved Reading has been organising advanced reading courses  in cooperation with a German university, Freie Universität Berlin. Course results have been statistically analysed and the results of all 86 participants of the first eight courses is also available on the internet.

The scientific evaluation can be summarised in the following:
"Analyses show that Improved Reading courses deliver improved reading skills that are measurable, significant and permanent.
The participants document their own progress during the course. It shows them the vast improvement of their reading skills on the basis of Effective Reading Rate (ERR), which unites speed and comprehension. After the courses, the participants' Effective Reading Rate was between 2.6 and 4.1 times better - which means an average improvement factor of 3.4.

Overall, the participants rated the core elements of the course as 'very good'. 85% of them also said that they would definitely recommend the course to other people.

It is very important to compare the ERRs of people who have attended Improved Reading courses and people who haven't. This comparison shows that course participants can read German language texts of various comprehension levels between 1.5 and 2.0 times more efficiently."