Have your ever experienced whilst reading an otherwise interesting book that your thoughts were rambling around and suddenly you realised that you don't have the faintest idea about what that particular paragraph you have just read was all about? Then you started to read that paragraph again, at a rate even slower...

Most of us read by using techniques we had learnt in elementary school. However, what is good and useful at the age of six may set us back as a grown-up person. Adults could read in a different way: with increased rate, more concentration, better comprehension and more accurate recall of the contents. The capacity of our brain enables us even to multiple our current average reading rate. 

By participating at our exciting and interesting group courses you can learn how to better utilise this capacity with the help of our Improved Reading reading skill development training. 

Our 12-hour training (which consist of four 3-hour sessions and generally performed as a two-day course) first helps to identify and overcome bad reading habits. Then participants learn new techniques and methods helping them to achieve faster and better comprehension. 

By increasing the speed of reading, concentration is becoming stronger, too, as our brain will be more intensively strained. We get better comprehension and retention thus significantly improve our reading efficiency.